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We are a group made up of hospitality workers and live entertainers that created the Whitechapel Arts Showcase, with the idea of re-introducing live entertainment to common social spaces after the devastating effects of the pandemic.

We also wanted to celebrate the rich talent and diversity that historically the East End has to offer which we still feel is under-served.

Currently based in the centre of Whitechapel high st. across the road from the tube station we intend to grow from our single venue in both directions linking arms with other venues and art institutions to create a cultural mile, that becomes the place to be for all things live and cultural. 


Whitechapel Cultural Mile

An aspiration for what the Whitechapel Arts Showcase could become, how it could change London and how we see Whitechapel Highstreet.


Now in our third year, our shows come from a variety of art genres, fringe theatre, comedy (stand-up and alternative acts), live music (performances from bands as well as open-mic), poetry jams, queer cabaret, drag, and more. These are often less established arts that would be able to open up at WAS and gain creative experience from a live audience.

We often mirror these shows with open to the public workshops that we then theme around the showcase, you can not only watch something new and interesting, you can also have a go yourself.

Pushing this sort of interactive engagement is what we love to see. Now we are at the stage of being able to reach out and start hosting in other venues, opening more spaces for fun, connection and education. 



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Set in the middle of Whitechapel High Street we intend to expand the Showcase from the Whitechapel Gallery to the Genesis Theatre, creating a Cultural Mile in the East End. Hoping to expand our venue in the London Hospital Tavern to our second being the Whitechapel IDEA store.  This doubling of venues will start our expansion to connect the Whitechapel Cultural Mile, doing so through the variety of venues the High Street has to offer.

We aim for every showcase to leave a lasting legacy; in 2021 an artist we met through

attending one of our workshops was commissioned to make a mural within the pub, and last year an illustrator was commissioned to create an installation.  We wish to expand these projects along the street collaborating with other businesses and enterprises, creating a cultural backdrop for the Highstreet extends further than just fostering live arts venues, this has been proven through the celebration of different arts at our showcase multiple theatre groups have formed from their initial meetings at our showcase networking events.


We have run the Showcase annually for the past two years but, this year we are aiming to double that, one week in mid April and another mid October, strategically placed in the calendar to also line up with half terms which often see a lull in activity within the hospitality section of the Highstreet and when families are often looking for something to do, creating more demand for live entertainment amongst the younger demographic in which our borough, Tower Hamlets, is the youngest in London and the 4th youngest borough in the UK.

In the 10 other months we aren't running the showcase we also run monthly nights across arts genres in music, comedy (stand up and improv) be on the look out and follow the London Hospital Tavern Instagram for more details.


Well Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Whitechapel!


This is the whole reason why we have made this wonderful and colourful website, to get the idea out there, so we are constantly looking for talent to celebrate and partners that can grow with us, whether you want to host, advertise or have a great idea about Whitechapel Highstreet our DMs and emails are always open.


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